From: Leszek, Sidnet | To: Mozilla + A Piece of Heaven Foundation

In the Sidnet team, several key factions exist: macOS supporters, Linux lovers and Windows fans – and all of them are equally ready to fight for the honour of their beloved operating system. One of the representatives of the latter camp is Leszek Kalota, who chose projects to support this month. Even the biggest advocate of Windows, used to working with proprietary applications, still appreciates the value of open source software. Check who will receive our financial support in April thanks to Leszek.


The creator of the web browser, Firefox, which Leszek uses in his everyday work. Mozilla puts a lot of emphasis on the fight against rampant disinformation plaguing the Internet. In addition, it promotes digital skills and strives to maintain a high level of online discussions.Currently, Mozilla is developing the first browser specifically designed for software developers. Firefox Developer Edition is currently in the testing phase and it includes functions like:

  • a CSS Grid, which allows the user to visualize the grid, display associated area names or preview transformations,
  • a graphics editor, thanks to which the user is able to fine-tune animations, alignment and padding,
  • a Web Audio editor, which allows the user to work with the Web Audio API.

tools created by Mozilla are designed for the benefit of Internet
users, not to make a profit. This is why they have my respect and why
I have been using their products, that is, the Firefox browser and
the Thunderbird e-mail program, for over 10 years”
– said our

A Piece of Heaven (Kawałek nieba)

The Children and Ill People Help Foundation “A Piece of Heaven” assists in the treatment of malnourished, poor and traumatised children and provides them with the necessary support. When the patients are unable to find appropriate treatment options within Poland, the volunteers of the Foundation try to find clinics abroad that may be able to help. So far, the Foundation has changed the lives of thousands of people, including children with brain tumours, retinoblastoma, neuroblastoma or heart defects.

“Due to the chaos of everyday affairs, it is often quite easy to forget that for people who are seriously ill, things like medicine, surgery, rehabilitation or medical equipment may, in fact, be a metaphorical piece of heaven. I sincerely hope that thanks to our support, the sky will be crystal clear for someone, if only for a single day” – said Leszek.